Ukraine Has Just Bombed a Residential Area in Donetsk — Why Aren’t You Talking About It ?

Ukraine has committed another war crime, yet no one seems to condemn it.

Fragments of the Tochka-U ballistic missile launched by the Ukrainian army in the city of Donetsk, on Monday March 14, 2022 / © REUTERS & Le Parisien

On Monday March 14, 2022, Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine bombed a residential area in Donetsk with a ballistic missile, killing nearly 23 people — including children — and seriously injuring nearly 28. According to the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, the missile fired by the Ukrainian army was a « Tochka-U ». He further stated that « the use of such weapons against a city where there are no armed forces positions is a war crime. » The Russian TASS news agency was also told that « a Tochka-U missile was intercepted over the rebel stronghold, but parts of it landed in the city centre. »

Horrific videos and images of the attack are flooding social networks and yet no one is talking about it. No Western media or political figure has commented on it. Why ? Simply because the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, involving the Donetsk People’s Republic as well as the Luhansk People’s Republic — together forming the Donbas region, to be more precise — since 2014, is in fact a conflict from the “new Cold War”, opposing not the USSR but Russia to Western forces (United States). That said, the losses on the Russian side are of no interest to the West — in fact, they are delighted/enjoyed! — and so they are not burdened with the responsibility of expressing their sadness, grief and condolences.

It’s important to note that, despite what Western politicians and media tell the public in order to rally them to their “anti-Russian” policy, the 2013 coup d’état that took place in Ukraine was backed by the United States and, having Uncle Sam as its “ally”/supporter, Ukraine allowed itself to make the so-called “pro-Russian separatist” citizens of Donbass experience a true nightmare — with bombings, assassinations, etc. — for 8 long years. And this without anyone — except Russia — caring, condemning and reacting to it. Doesn’t that remind you something ? Yes, Israel. The citizens of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics are pro-Russian, the West has never liked and respected the Russians, so why should it care about their well-being and security ? This is absurd.

Russia, once again, and despite what the Western media and politicians say, has always and repeatedly tried to favour the diplomatic route by organising and proposing meetings and telephone calls, but no one has ever wanted to listen. And today, after recognising the two People’s Republics, Russia is retaliating by using the same force as that used by the Western-backed Ukraine on the civilians of Donbass. And of course, the West doesn’t approve this. This leads to the obvious conclusion that only Western terrorism is allowed, especially when it suits their interests, and that no retaliation to it is well perceived.

This is coupled with the fact that the West has banned almost all so-called « pro-Russian » and « Russian state-owned » media, calling for disinformation and propaganda, offering the public only one version and view of the conflict — the West’s. One-sided propaganda ? No, since Russia is the big villain of the story and Putin is Hitler.

And speaking of Hitler, what about this Ukrainian journalist who calls for the extermination, the « massacre » (to use his words) of the entire Russian population — including children — by quoting Adolf Eichmann, a former Nazi and SS officer, whom he considers his inspiration ? « I know that, as a journalist, I have to be objective, I have to be balanced in order to give you information with cold heart, but, to tell you the truth, it’s very difficult to hold now, especially at such time, and since we are being called Nazis, fascists, etc, I can allow myself to quote the words of Adolf Eichmann, who said that in order to destroy a nation, it’s necessary to destroy, first of all, children. Because after you kill the parents, the children will grow up and will definitely take revenge. », he begins.

« By killing the children, they will never grow up and the nation will disappear. The Armed forces of Ukraine cannot annihilate Russian children, because it’s prohibited by the rules of war, and it’s prohibited by various conventions, including the Geneva Convention — but I am not from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And whenever I get a chance to massacre Russians, I will definitely do it. Since you call me a Nazi, I adhere to the doctrine of Adolf Eichmann, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that both you and your children never live on this earth. », he spits out.

« In order for you to feel how it is when innocent civilians die, in order for you to feel all the pain and suffering when you say “and we did not start the war, it was all Putin, we did not start this war”, we didn’t want the war either. But you must understand that we are talking about the victory of the Ukrainian people, not about peace. We need a victory. And if we have to butcher all your families for this — I will be one of the first to do it. Glory to the nation! And we hope that such a nation as Russia and Russians will never exist on this Earth again. Because they are just degenerates who are polluting this Earth. If Ukrainians have the opportunity, and this is what they’re doing now, generally speaking — butchering, cutting, killing, strangling Muscovites. And I hope that everyone will contribute and kill at least one Muscovite. », he concludes.

Editor’s note : the youtube video presented above might be deleted by Youtube, which does not tolerate this kind of publication, so here is a link to an instagram post sharing the video with subtitles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin / © Le Temps

With such statements, you still manage to (blindly and foolishly) defend the argument that Ukraine has no problem with Nazism and is not, indeed, a Nazi state ? To say that Ukraine “merely” has a Nazi problem is to minimize the real problem and the actual thing — we are talking about the indroctrination of the population to Nazism from a very young age, i.e. children are taught in school how to make the Nazi sign, or to glorify the Nazi party or to join the Ukrainian Nazi army — and, by the way, are you really shocked by the racism of the Ukrainian authorities towards the black and foreign population trying to flee the country ?

The policy of “denazification” of Ukraine claimed by President Vladimir Putin makes sense and is perfectly legitimate — when one knows that Western officers, at the end of World War II, offered important positions in international organisations such as NATO or, in the United States, the FBI and the CIA, it becomes obvious to understand that Nazism has always benefited the West, despite what we are told.

Also, I find it very silly that this journalist says that he wants the Russian people to feel and suffer the violence of war, that they feel this horrible feeling when « innocent civilians die », because it seems to me that his country, which he cherishes so much and wishes for greatness, was butchering and bombing not only those same innocent civilians in Crimea (especially shortly after the successful referendum on Russia’s annexation of Crimea) but also those in the Donbass without shedding a single tear or feeling any regrets. I’m just recalling the facts, but I think it’s something important to know and to take note of.

Then, can you imagine if a French person would have said such things to the United States and the American people ? Or if a British person would have said such things to Italy and the Italian people ? Or if a Palestinians would have said such things to… the Israelis ? What would have been the consequences ? A heavy condemnation ? Media and political harassment ? The death penalty, perhaps ? All we can say is that this person would not have got away with it without serious consequences (alive or not).

But since it’s not a French, or a British, or a Palestian person, nobody’s saying anything, everybody’s turning a blind eye. It seems obvious to note that Russophobia has always existed among Westerners, and this since 1917, since the Bolshevik revolution and their seizure of power — Westerners have always hated, from the depths of their souls, Russian people and their country, and if they could get rid of them they would do so without hesitation. But Putin is there, and that bothers them badly.

What I have to say to Russian people is : stay and be strong, do not let yourself be defeated by this surge of Russophobia exerted by the West. Be and remain this admirable and dignified people that many people — including me — admire and respect deeply. The world is in the midst of new disturbances, but do not let them bring us down and keep our heads high.




Former Law student and now prospective Political Science student, I write about my African heritage and international politics | My Twitter : @whoreguimaraes

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Eden Bouvier

Eden Bouvier

Former Law student and now prospective Political Science student, I write about my African heritage and international politics | My Twitter : @whoreguimaraes

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