President Putin’s Policy of “Denazification” of Ukraine Is Totally Legitimate

Only the West has the nerve to oppose it and act ignorant.

A proud Red Army Soviet soldier planting the Soviet flag on the ruins of the Reichstag in Berlin, Nazi Germany, on May 2nd, 1945 / © Reddit

On March 16, 2022, a journalist from the Ukrainian TV channel Channel 24 publicly called for the « genocide » and « massacre » of the entire Russian population, stating that it was necessary to start with the children because « in order to destroy a nation you must, first of all, destroy its children. Because by killing their parents, the children will grow up and take revenge. By killing children, they will never grow up and the nation will disappear. » He didn’t invent these words — he took them from former Nazi and SS officer Adolf Eichmann, one of the main instigators of the mass extermination of the Jewish people during World War II, claiming that « since you call me a Nazi, I’ll adhere to the doctrine of Adolf Eichmann and will do everything in my power to ensure that your children never live on this earth. » And, of course, the West and its media didn’t mention it and probably never will — calling it all fabricated « Russian propaganda », and I feel like saying that we all know the song now.

Since February, the war in Ukraine has been raging and a deluge of purely Western sanctions has been unleashed on Putin’s Russia since the launch of its military intervention in the small former Soviet country. President Vladimir Putin, in his speech announcing the military intervention and explaining the reasons for it, said that Western countries — referring, in particular, to the United States — had not respected the Warsaw Pact, which stipulated that they [NATO] should not expand beyond the borders of Western European countries, leaving the USSR and its allies alone.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the Pact still holding, Western powers took the opportunity to further expand their military Alliance — Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary joined NATO in 1999 ; Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined in 2004 ; then Albania and Croatia in 2017 ; and finally Northern Macedonia and Montenegro in 2020 — and, on the other hand, to create havoc in many Eastern European countries.

President Putin uses the Yugoslav war as an example — in 1991, without the UN Security Council’s sanctions, NATO took the liberty of conducting a « bloody military operation against Belgrade », using combat aircraft and missiles in the heart of Europe. This followed « the bombing of peaceful cities », innocent civilians, and « vital infrastructure » for several weeks. And strangely enough, as the President later states, Western allies « prefer to forget [these events] » and prefer, as usual, to deny or justify them by any means possible. And of course, as it’s now common knowledge, the Ukrainian crisis has been fully backed by the West since its coup d’état in 2013.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the West has denied en masse the accusations of Nazism levelled at them by Vladimir Putin. Yet these accusations are true and legitimate — but the West, which is confronted with its own actions and past (especially WWII) and which has always thought itself smarter than its “enemies” in the East, uses its number one tool of manipulation : mass media. Many Western media reject, deny and do not cover the close but existing collaboration between their powers and Nazi Ukraine. And of course, the public drinks it up.

To really understand the extent — and the history — of the collaboration between the West (precisely : the United States) and Nazi Ukraine, it’s necessary to go back to the end of WWII, more precisely in September 1945. At that time, an OSS report stated that Stepan Bandera — a “heroic” and state figure in Ukraine, as well as a Nazi leader operating in the country — « had earned a solid reputation for conducting a “reign of terror” during World War II ». At the end of the war, Bandera and many other Ukrainian Nazi leaders fled to Europe, where the CIA helped them hide.

The link between the CIA and the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists is therefore there — and it proves that the US was well aware, since 1946, of the Nazi presence in Ukraine. The CIA informed the US Immigration and Naturalization Service that they had deliberately hidden Bandera and his fellow Nazis from the Soviets. Thus, operations involving Ukrainian Nazis — such as Operation Belladonna (1946), Operation Lynx (1946) or Operation Trident (1947) —, with the help of the CIA, continued for years.

The Nuremberg trials of 1945 and 1946 brought the economic, political and military leaders of Nazi Germany to justice and revealed to the world, through the many videos and documentaries shot by the Allies as they discovered the concentration camps in which Jews, gypsies, disabled people and all the other types of people the Nazis defined as « subhuman » were locked up, the evil and despicable face of the Nazis. However, the Ukrainian Nazis were spared these trials — and some of them were even granted indulgence by the CIA.

Nuremberg Trials / © International Committee Red Cross

As of 1951, the CIA excused the illegal activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists’ (OUN) security branch « in the name of Cold War necessity ». For example, in 1949, Mykola Lebed, the man responsible for the massacres of Jews and Poles in Volhynia and Galicia and for supervising the executions and torture of Jews by his men, was transferred to the United States in 1952 by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to escape criminal investigations, where he died in 1998. He was never prosecuted or punished for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The dangerous and despicable legacy and ideology left by Stepan Bandera, condemned by the communist authorities and supported by outside forces, has shaped Ukraine ever since. The seeds of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists were passed from generation to generation, and it was, unfortunately, only a matter of time before they really resurfaced and exploded.

In 1991, one of them, Oleh Tyahnybok, founded one of the main ultra-nationalist political parties called Svoboda, which preaches the good old principles advocated by Stepan Bandera. « Purge Ukraine from Jews and Russia ! » or « Ukraine for Ukrainians ! » are his main slogans. These slogans earned him the 5th place in the ranking of antisemitic leaders worldwide. « Glory to Ukraine ! » is the slogan often shouted by the Nazi leaders of Ukraine, wishing for a pure, white, non-communist and non-Jewish Ukraine, with the same principles and values as Nazi Germany.

Dmitri Yarosh also founded another ultra-nationalist political party called Trizub (or “Trident” in English) in 1994. In April 2013, he became an assistant to the member of parliament of the political opposition party UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform), and later, in the same year, he became the leader of the most radical Nazi party in Ukraine — Pravyi Sektor (“Right Sector” in English). Andriy Parubiy, for his part, will soon appear at the head of the ultra-nationalist army.

With all this, the flaming torches that Vladimir Putin referred to in one of his talks further explaining his motives for military intervention in Ukraine, once again filled the streets of Ukrainian cities — reminiscent, once again, of Nazi Germany in 1939.

From then on, aware of the rise and importance given to Nazism in Ukraine, the Crimean authorities declared in a statement that they would not hand over the country and its people « to extremists and Nazis seeking to seize power in Ukraine at the cost of the blood of the country and its citizens ». And following the 2014 coup, rumours — which turned out to be true — began to circulate in Crimea that the new government will be mercialist towards those opposing it.

This is all from Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary “Ukraine on Fire, for anyone who wants to learn more and/or doesn’t believe in the danger of Ukrainian Nazism — claiming, as Western media tell them to do, « Russian propaganda ».

Heroic Red Army soldiers fighting in the ruined streets of Berlin, Nazi Germany, during the Battle of Berlin, as the fall of Nazi Germany was only a matter of time, in 1945 / © Russia Beyond

It’s important to note that from the beginning, even when the USSR still existed, Russia has always favoured the diplomatic option in order to resolve its various conflicts with other nations in the world, especially the Western nations. But being what they are, Western countries have never listened to them and have preferred, as is their (stupid) habit, to ignore them and continue to portray them in the most despicable way possible in their media. So much so that anyone who sides with the Russians for any reason is directly labelled a « Russian sympathiser ».

That said, Russophobia has existed since 1917, since the Bolshevik Revolution. And, in my opinion and that of Russian female powerlifter Maryana Naumova (in response to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger), Russophobia is just as terrible as antisemitism. Western countries will always find every possible way to demonise Russians and, in particular, Vladimir Putin — their obsession with him, his policies and his country has finally made many opponents of the West’s disgusting imperialist policies laugh at the fact that they forget and neglect their own nations at the expense of the one led by Putin.

What led Russia and Vladimir Putin to favour the military option was the non-compliance of Nazi Ukraine with the Minsk agreements as well as the agreements signed between NATO and the USSR, declaring a policy of non-expansion towards Eastern Europe, the 8 long and terrible years of bombing, massacres — in short, crimes against humanity — suffered by the innocent civilian population of Donbass by Nazi Ukraine, and the numerous bombings and massacres suffered by the Crimean population following the referendum on the annexation of their state by Russia.

Russia has gradually found itself encircled by NATO, through its illegal expansion eastwards, and in danger, through the resurgence of Nazism in Ukraine. In the end — and many people say so — Russia’s action is not/no longer a military intervention of any kind but a security operation as well as an operation full of consequences towards Ukraine, which had only to respect its agreements and not commit war crimes and crimes against humanity towards the civilians of Donbass.

Russians are the only people in the world who can proudly and clearly claim to have actively fought against Nazism during the war and still today. Unlike Westerners, who will say that Nazism was devastating all over Europe, but who didn’t hesitate to offer them high positions in NATO, NASA, or the CIA as part of their « fight against the Soviet Union and communism ». If this is not an absolute insult to the Jewish and other victims of Nazism, then I don’t know what is. But in their eyes and its audience, it’s absolutely legitimate — since the big bad here has always been the USSR/Russia.

It’s important to understand that, contrary to what Westerners like to say, Nazism has always been something important and deep within the Soviets and Russians — there’s no thing they hate more than Nazism and its adherents. So when a former country of the USSR, which they themselves founded before that, allows itself to have high figures of Nazism as “national heroes” (cf. Stepan Bandera), of course, they feel, first of all, betrayed, but they must attack. Because it’s only in the West that Nazism benefits, contrary to what is said in the history books. Nazism is an important scar in Russia that must not be reopened — but this is something that Westerners find difficult to accept and understand, and I would even say that they don’t even care.

So much so that Russia actively fought for a decade to eradicate the Nazis from its territory — Ukraine proved to be the only country where they could comfortably call for taking up arms and fighting against Putin.

Soviet troops during the Demyansk Offensive Operation, in 1942 / © Russia Beyond

What Westerners — and especially Americans — also forget is that Prescott Bush (a member of the Bush family) financed the Nazi party and helped Adolf Hitler rise to power. What is particularly disgusting about this conflict is that the Western population, proudly indoctrinated by their corporate media, refuses to do any further, serious and in-depth research into the real sources of the conflict and why Russia is reacting the way it is. The US has long maintained links with Ukrainian ultra-nationalists (as this picture shows), even when the evidence comes out, you brush it aside and shout « Russian propaganda »— it’s not even sad anymore, the West — and therefore you — have always sympathised with Nazism and that doesn’t seem to bother you, on the contrary.

« Ukraine cannot be Nazi because its government is Jewish » is an excuse that does not deserve to exist and that has never worked and will never work anyway. Volodymor Zelensky — the coward who took refuge in Poland instead of fighting with its inhabitants, as he likes to shout from the rooftops — is himself a supporter of this ultra-nationalist movement. To go from a vile comedian lacking in charisma to a supporter of Hitler and his repugnant ideology — yeah, Western media are right : this man is indeed a hero. Oh, and did you know that his own adviser, Oleksiy Arestovich, praised ISIS for their degree of cruelty ? This was just after Nazi Ukraine burned 50 Russian-Ukrainians alive in the Odessa Trade Union House Massacre in 2014.

Moreover, the fact that Zelensky is Jewish — or not — means absolutely nothing. I’m not an anti-Semite, but it’s worth noting that many Jews voted for Hitler in the 1933 elections and adhered to his ideas and ideology. And note that your dear Zelensky has banned all political parties with « ties to Russia » but kept all those with ties to Nazism — but the media tells us that there’s no problem with Nazism.

But there is no point in explaining it to you because CNN, NBC, Fox News — those same propaganda and state media that deliberately lied about Saddam Hussein’s famous weapons of mass destruction — have made it clear that Russia is evil and Putin is Hitler. Need I remind you that Russia is acting in exactly the same way as the United States and its NATO allies during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and the list goes on ? Do I have to remind you that the West is only using Ukraine to wage a war, indirectly, against Russia (since that’s all they have to do) and has absolutely no plans to help the country and save its population from bombs and Nazism ?

By siding with Zelensky, you are siding with Nazism — and therefore with Hitler and the monstrosities he committed. And while we’re on the subject of adherence to Nazism, tell me how the hell do you defend the words of that Ukrainian Nazi journalist, whom I mentioned at the beginning, who called for the « massacre » of Russian people by quoting Adolf Eichmann ? How on earth do you defend that ? I’m honestly very curious to know — and I think I am not the only one — please, tell me, how ?

The call for the murder, massacre, genocide of Russians and the disappearance of their country is not a problem for Westerners, since they are their « long-time enemies ». I think it’s worth remembering that if it were up to the Soviets/Russians and their desire to avenge their comrades, relatives, and the innocents who fell during the Battle of Stalingrad between 1941 and 1942, today Europe would probably be an ultra-nationalist continent and its population would only speak German. And don’t forget that the Soviets/Russians were the ones who liberated Berlin.

If one takes the time to try to understand the reasoning of Westerners, Nazism is only bad when it comes to Hitler — but not Ukraine, and there’s no such thing as denazification, nor is there any need for it anyway. In all sincerity, may God find the strength, courage and willingness to grant you forgiveness.




Former Law student and now prospective Political Science student, I write about my African heritage and international politics | My Twitter : @whoreguimaraes

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Eden Bouvier

Eden Bouvier

Former Law student and now prospective Political Science student, I write about my African heritage and international politics | My Twitter : @whoreguimaraes

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