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Law student and aspiring Political Science student, I write about racism and international affairs (politics) | My twitter : @whoreguimaraes

As part of a (personal) understanding and ode to my condition as a black and African woman, to my blood, to the African continent and its world, this essay signs the questioning of a lost identity.

“Black Liberation” protestors in 1967 / © African American Film Festival

From my condition as a black woman, as an African woman, I retain and note in particular that the quest and the search for a new union, a new African independence — a new Pan-Africanism just as powerful and destructive as the previous one — has its roots buried in the woes left by colonisation and decolonisation. …

Philip, you don’t know it yet, but I am madly in love with you…

‘El Verso X’ by Fabian Perez / © Fabian Perez

My dear and sweet Philip,

You will probably never come across this letter dedicated to you, but I had to write it to put on a blank sheet of paper everything I keep in my heart and to be able to tell you how I feel about you. On this sweet and quiet evening, I choose to totally bare my soul and reveal — for all to see — what you’ve been making me feel and go through since I first laid my eyes on your beautiful face two weeks ago. …

And why I strongly advocate the creation of an African edition of Vogue magazine.

The #VogueChallenge, a Perfect Mirror of the Willingness of Black People to Be Represented in Fashion ?

Fake Vogue magazine cover for the #VogueChallenge in June 2020 / © Picture by Brian Siambi (@urbanskript on instagram) & model is Dina Nur Satti (@nurceramics on instagram).

I remember posting an important thread on my old Twitter account, in late 2020 — around October or November — , in which I outlined, or rather castigated, my opinion as to why the launch of the Scandinavian edition of the fashion magazine Vogue was an unprecedented aberration and shame.

The announcement, as I recall, was made at the end of 2020, the Black Lives Matter protests had passed, and there had been an air of tension in the atmosphere ever since — I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it, but to say I wasn’t bothered would be lying.


For the sake of my mental health, I’m looking forward to moving to London, UK.

St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, UK / © Unsplash

Like many people, I have never really known the true meaning of self-love. Indeed, we tend — if not all the time — to associate it with egocentrism, narcissism. However, when we talk about self-love, we are referring to well-being, to the compassion we feel for ourselves, to the importance we give to our mental and physical health, to our happiness and fulfilment. A blog post by the American psychotherapist Andrea Brandt, A Brand Therapy, dedicated to self-love explains it very well : « Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others…

How do I tell him that it doesn’t matter if he is rich and famous or poor and unknown, and that he is white and his skin colour is a real strength, a powerful advantage ?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement / © Courtesy Photo

Following the violent racist events that took place after the defeat of the English national football team against Italy in the EURO 2020 final, I had the opportunity to discuss (briefly, as our exchange lasted very little) with a white friend about the privilege of White people due to their skin colour and the fact that, thanks to this, they can help us fight against racism, and the atrocity of the racist insults that Sancho, Sterling and Rashford suffered — and let me tell you that the notion of “white privilege” is indeed not something that all white people can…

This is Exclusively made for us

Former US Olympic athletics champion Tommie Smith doing his famous ‘Black Power Salute’ from the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, Mexico / © PUMA & Highsnobiety

At many manifestations, sporting events (be it football matches, basketball games, the Olympics, etc.), world events… in short, at events of international importance and of major (one might say) significance, when there is (suddenly or not) a minute’s silence, accompanied by a knee on the ground and a raised fist, to pay tribute and respect to those who have died because of racism and because we must continue to fight against it, I am surprised but highly irritated to see white people kneeling and, in particular, raising their fists in the air. …

Doing some serious self-reflection does a lot of good — and I highly recommend it !

© We Heart It

It was an ordinary Tuesday evening, after coming home from school. As usual, I sat down at my desk, quickly but carefully checked and answered my emails on my computer, then put on my headphones, played my favourite music — the one that always gets me going, that motivates me to keep working, to do my best, the one that makes me feel incredibly good and powerful — and logged on to Medium. While adding a few articles/essays here and there to my reading list — which is starting to grow by leaps and bounds — I came across this…

Justice will be done when the racist, repugnant and abusive system in place is abolished.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement protest / © GreenBiz

April 20, 2021 will, I believe, remain a historic and important date in the fight against racial violence and racism. Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all three counts of “intentional violence resulting in death”, “manslaughter (“third-degree murder”)” and “murder (“second-degree murder”)” after killing George Floyd, an African-American citizen, during a police interpellation. …

Because after the scandal, she was able to rise again and become a successful businesswoman, I had to dedicate an essay on Monica Lewinsky—the perfect example of women’s empowerment.

Monica Lewinsky photographed by Damon Winter for the New York Times / © Vanity Fair

I have read, analysed and dissected Monica Lewinsky’s essay in Vanity Fair hundreds of millions of times, and I have always held the same opinion : Monica Lewinsky, despite the infamous scandal by which she became (despite of herself) famous, is the archetype of women empowerment. And, as one of my most inspirational women, I felt compelled to dedicate an essay to her.

Shame and Survival’ is how she describes her experience. Her life, from the scandal to now. The shame of having been President Clinton’s willing “lover”, the shame of having found herself suddenly at the centre of a…

Eden Bouvier

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